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Man preventing solar elastosis with Sunsafe Rx

What Is Solar Elastosis? How Can You Prevent And Treat It?

Solar Elastosis We’ve long know that prolonged exposure to sunlight harms human skin. Among the consequences, sun exposure not only ages your skin but also leaves you vulnerable to serious skin disorders. To keep your skin both healthy and more youthful-looking, it’s important to protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays. By decreasing the damage the sun does to your skin, you can keep your skin looking its best while preventing serious skin conditions like solar elastosis. What is Elastosis? Elastosis refers to degenerative changes to the dermal layer of skin tissue. This is the layer of skin–beneath your epidermis–that...

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Woman and man hiking using sun protection pill

Erythema Treatment And Prevention

What is Erythema? Erythema is a skin condition that results in skin redness or rash. Some of the most prevalent types of erythema include UV-induced erythema, erythema nodusum, photosensitivity, and erythema multiforme. UV-induced erythema is sunburn: when an individual develops a burn from ultraviolet radiation resulting in irritation of the skin, redness and inflammation. The is by far the most common type of erythema. Erythema nodusum is skin inflammation that tends to center around the fatty layers of the skin and is characterized by painful lumps usually on the front of the legs. Photosensitivity from medication is when an individual...

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Man with actinic keratosis and ocean and sky

Actinic Keratosis Treatment: How To Treat And Prevent AK

Actinic Keratosis Actinic keratosis, also known as solar keratosis, is a skin condition that is the result of years of sun exposure, indoor tanning, and skin damage. It appears as scaly rough patches of skin on the neck, scalp (typically only if bald), hands, forearms, ears, lips, and face. Actinic keratosis may take years to develop; it is usually considered to be pre-cancerous, and can sometimes be cancerous. The condition can develop in people of any skin tone and the scaly, rough patches may be a variety of colors including red, pink, and tan. When it appears on the lips,...

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Hyperpigmentation Treatment with Sunsafe Rx for Woman In The Sun

Hyperpigmentation Treatment And Prevention

Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin due to an overproduction of melanin. It can be brought on by various injuries to the skin, acne vulgaris, sun damage, and inflammation. It is most common in people with darker skin tones who spend a lot of time in the sun, although anyone with any type of skin tone may develop it. Examples of hyperpigmentation include liver spots, sun spots, age spots, melasma (mask of pregnancy), and freckles. Preventing hyperpigmentation in the first place is preferable, but hyperpigmentation treatment is possible. There are three types of hyperpigmentation: Epidermal Light brown spots,...

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Melasma Treatment for Woman In the Sun

Melasma Treatment: All About Melasma, How To Prevent It, And How To Treat It

Melasma A common skin condition among women, Melasma causes brown, grey, and tan patches on the face, particularly the cheeks, forehead, and chin. It is believed to be caused by daily sun exposure and hormonal events such as pregnancy and hormone treatments. It is a type of hyperpigmentation that causes your body to produce too much pigment. Melasma is also referred to as The Mask of Pregnancy, and Chloasma. The condition generally appears in women between the ages of 20 and 50 (though one in 20 patients are men), and although it isn’t harmful, it can cause embarrassment and distress....

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